Steve Pogson


I have a small project studio in which I record individuals and small groups. I record using the latest digital technology based around a Mac Pro computer, running Logic Studio software with various third-party plug-ins to capture a performance and give it that professional 'sheen'.

I can also record on location and offer a service to schools and other organisations where I make the recording for no charge. I then sell the CDs to the members and their families directly, paying the organisation a commission based on the number of CDs sold. Schools find this an excellent arrangement as they are never liable for a bill at any time.

If you think you would like to record your own voice or other performance, it can be cheaper than you think! The equipment which 10 years ago would have filled a room, can now be contained within a computer; this brings the costs down considerably. Recordings like this can make excellent presents for family and friends. Again, the package is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the process, from initial rehearsals to the production of the final CD.

If you would like any more information about the services on this page, please contact me.


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