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I have been composing music for many years, mainly for educational uses. My series of Woodwind pieces 'The Way To Rock', is published by Boosey&Hawkes as are 2 cantatas for young voices, 'Persephone' and 'Mister Scrooge', which I wrote with the lyricist and poet, George Simmers.

George and I have written a number of works for young voices including the shows 'Malcolm Midas', 'We Want Christmas' and most recently, a commission from a youth theatre in Madrid, 'SuperJim'. 'SuperJim' won awards for best show and best performance in a competition held in Madrid.

I also write songs with a local man, Neil Whyton. We have been writing songs for about 2 years.

There are pages dedicated to my collaborations with George and Neil as well as my own solo work.

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